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My story begins in Northern Minnesota in one of the coldest places on Earth - where I grew up! I went to Minnesota State University be a veterinarian. When I realized that I had a really hard time seeing animals in pain I started to think what do I want to do as a career. I learned about nutrition and fell in love. I found a weight loss program that worked for myself and saw massive change. I felt better, lost weight, had more energy and my gut health was drastically improved. I wanted to help others feel this same way. I became obsessed with learning more about nutrition, fitness, mindset and what worked! I packed up my vehicle once I graduated college with a dream and vision to open a business where I could help other women lose weight and not jump from diet to diet but have life-long results. I love traveling, hiking, the lake and just being outdoors, so I landed on Colorado with not knowing a single person. I opened my business in Littleton, CO and started to build my client base. That was 10+ years ago now and have helped 1,000's get in the best shape of their lives. My heart is so full everyday knowing I can help others feel soooo much better and have a simple plan that works! I was nervous at first to leave what I knew and trust in myself, but it ended up being the best decision I have made! I am so confident that I can help you achieve your goals! I am 100% committed to you IF You are ready and have made the decision for change. Let's have a call and chat more!

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